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How we select the most suitable loan for you

There are literally hundreds of different loan products to choose from in Australia with a variety of lenders and frequent changes to interest rates and product features.

Understanding the maze of options is second nature to us because we do it every day. After years of experience, we’ve come to know the lenders, their products, and their interest rates. We have our finger on the pulse and keep up to date with changes. This expertise enables us to identify the best options efficiently and intelligently for you.

We start by understanding your needs and circumstances and establish a list of criteria your loan must meet.

For example:

  • we may recognise that you would benefit from a redraw facility
  • or the ability to make weekly repayments
  • or the ability to make lump sum repayments
  • plus any other information that is unique to your circumstances


Then we do the leg work to compare loans available and put together a short list of the best loans to suit your needs. We also look at whether you are likely to meet the lending criteria for these loans.

Your personal circumstances may influence where it is most appropriate to place your loan. We go into bat and negotiate with lenders on your behalf to help find the best possible solution for you.

Our goal is to get you the best loan for your lifestyle, wellbeing and financial situation.


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