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What documentation is needed to support your loan application?

Court Financial Services do not charge you a fee for organising your pre purchase approval, and there is no obligation.

To order your pre purchase approval or refinance, simply call Court Financial Services on 9429 9775. We’ll collect the information we need over the phone and get to work straight away.

Before you call, you will need to provide some supporting documents to verify your income and identification. Take a look at our supporting document checklist below. It’s a good idea to have as much of this information as possible with you when you call us.


1. Income verification

Paye Borrowers

  • Copy of two consecutive pay slips and a copy of the most recent tax assessment notice (please delete your tax file number) or
  • A letter from your employer on company letterhead, dated and signed detailing your base income, base gross income, length of service and your position and a copy of your most recent Tax Assessment Notice (please delete tax file number).


Self Employed Borrowers

  • Last three years’ tax returns – personal and business
  • Last two years business financials (balance sheet & profit & loss statement)
  • Last two years Tax Assessment Notice (personal).


Other income

  • Rental Income – current Lease Agreement, or letter from Real Estate Agent (no older than 3 months)
  • Benefits – letter from government department, fund manager or provider confirming the benefit amount and payment frequency.


2. If you are purchasing a property

  • Copy of signed Sale Contract showing title details
  • Proof of deposit with copy of last six months savings history.


3. If you are refinancing an existing loan

  • Copies of last six months’ bank loan statements
  • Copy of Rate Notices
  • Copy of Title.


4. If you are building

  • Council Approved Plans & Specification
  • Building Contract or Tender signed and dated by applicants & builder
  • Schedule of payments
  • All quotes for additional work signed, accepted and dated by applicants and provider.




  • Copy of Driver’s licence (40 points)
  • Copy of current passport (70 points)
  • Copy of birth certificate (70 points)
  • Copy of credit card or Medicare cards (25 points)
  • Copy of Utility bills e.g. gas, water, electricity (25 points each).


Call us today to discuss further or if you have any special circumstances that need to be taken into account.

We’re here and we’re ready to help out.
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